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Dumb as bricks and hasn't practiced what she preaches. Has not opened San Fransisco to refugees. She's an embarrassment to women. Can't stand her!

All children should be raised on a healthy diet of Charlie Chaplin. And Buster Keaton. And Mary Pickford. I don't want my kid to know sound films exist for a few years at least. Start them out right.


Raised Right. This would be precious painted on a cooler


アメリカウェイク,アメリカを保存します,Hilarys America,Bless America,Trump 2Oi6,Vote Trump,Deplorable Infidel,America'S Direction,Patriot Spirit


Trump knows how to create jobs and relate to everyone at all levels in a business! Vote Trump! Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

よわよわカメラウーマン日記 (Woman camera diary Yowayowa) She takes pictures of herself levitating every day.


They chant " Death to America" and we're known as the "Great Satan" WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

Protect our citizens! Uphold the Constitution! Vote Trump!

Hillary Clinton said to Donald Trump: "where are your tax returns?" He said: "I emailed them to you." 😅