Looks can be deceiving. Just ask these 35 people who went into a DIY baking frenzy after seeing some amazing baking ideas on Pinterest that look easy enough to make. The result? Heaps of crushed dreams and a full load of hilarity. 1. Milano Cookies Sheep. Just put together a couple of marshmallows, they said. Pinterest 2. Octopus Pie. That looks scary. Pinterest 3. She got the eyes right. Huffingtonpost 4. Almost. Huffingtonpost 5. That shark needs rescuing. Huffingtonpost…

Nailed it, Ben Affleck

Found these adorable minions at tablespoon.com. My trial run didn't quite meet the expectation. Nailed it....Pinterest Fail

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this would b me at one of those wine and painting things. horrific.

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Nailed it More

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Nailed it! More


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Nailed it

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I saw the top picture first thinking, haha, fail. Then I scrolled to the bottom picture and I literally laughed for over a full minute... This had to be pinned.

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