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inspirezme: French food designer Emilie de griottes developed dessert tarts that recreate pantone colour swatches. berries, carrots, lemon, candies, and other foods are arranged upon a tart base.

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150 Journal Writing Prompts

Camellia japonica var decumbens cv Otometsubaki 'Maiden pink'

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ヤギ、ヒツジ,羊毛,家畜,動物️,かわいい動物,彼ら,自然,3 Sheep,Count Sheep

Common Core’s Invalid Validation Committee (Posted 2013, but clearly explains who wrote Common Core and why teachers, parents etc were NOT included)

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Word Problem Steps using "cubes!"

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Kristi K. @ The Potter's Hand Academy #homeschool #hsreviews

First Grade Common Core Language Arts

Common Core ELA Cheat Sheets | Common Core Galore and More!

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Everything "I Can" Common Core for 2nd Grade

"I Can" Statements FREE from for 2nd Grade | checklists | posters | Spanish | CCSS | Common Core | Individual Statements - different colors & layouts!

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