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40代 セットアップ

Aftermath of World War II ~ Soviet soldiers on the march in northern Korea in October of 1945. Japan had ruled the Korean peninsula for 35 years, until the end of World War II. At that time, Allied leaders decided to temporarily occupy the country until elections could be held and a government established. Soviet forces occupied the north, while U.S. forces occupied the south. The planned elections did not take place, as the Soviet Union established a communist state in North Korea, and the…

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WWII colorized ~ While his father chats with a customer at the hardware store, a uniformed Jimmy Stewart sets up a date to go fishing, 1945. (Colorized by John Gulizia from America)

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Vintage Montgomery Ward Department Store Spring & Summer Catalog 1942 Reduced

Vintage Montgomery Ward Department Store Spring & Summer Catalog 1942 in Books | eBay Newlyweds ~ and there were a LOT of them during the war years ~ needed furniture to sit and sleep on just like anyone else. IF they could find a place to set up housekeeping to begin with! Severe housing shortages, especially in many areas of war industry, was being settled as quickly as possible by the private building industry, frequently in fine fashion, and also by the government (sometimes in not so…

Alessi Bombe - Carlo Alessi was born in Granerolo (Verbania) in 1916, studied technical design at the OMAR institute in Novara and, at an early age worked in the metal workshop set up by his father, Giovanni, in 1921. From the mid-thirties until the mid-forties, he designed many Alessi works including the "Ottagonale", "Scalini", "Cilindrica" and "BombΘ'" series.

Magicians, Russ Walsh - U.F. Grant - MacDonold Birch. Late 50's. Grant was the great, great grandson of President Ulysses S. Grant. Young Mr. Grant became interested in magic and began to sell magic effects out of his Pittsfield, Massachusetts home. After living in Colon Michigan, where he worked for the Abbott Magic and Novelty Company, Grant built a reputation as a developer of good solid magic. In the early forties, he set up the U.F. Grant Magic Company.

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100 Sentimental Wedding Ideas You'll Love

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Mid-life Priorities: I set up my new phone and this is one of the first settings I changed! And if you didn't know it was an option in your settings you are welcome! #midlife #forties #comfort #vision #newphone #ambivert #iphone #settings

Watched by her sisters, a little girl, Rachelle, has her legs bandaged by Leading Aircraftman H P Treasure at a clinic set up for French mothers and their children by No. 121 Wing at B5/Le Fresne-Camilly, Normandy. Civilians had been unable to to obtain medication owing to the restrictions imposed by the Germans and the hospital services were inaccessible during the invasion.

A young woman looks down at her excellent crop of WWII victory garden produce. #home_front #vintage #1940s #WW2

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A V-line suit and hat designed by Adrian, 1944. The MGM costume designer had left MGM - where he costumed over 200 films - in 1941 to set up his own fashion house.