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The Aftermath Project is an expanding database for ideas, texts, videos and images relating to the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis.

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THE SMALL WORLDS OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE édité par Bruce Kogut. The financial crisis of 2008 laid bare the hidden network of relationships in corporate governance: who owes what to whom, who will stand by whom in times of crisis, what governs the provision of credit when no one seems to have credit. This book maps the influence of these types of economic and social networks--communities of agents (people or firms) and the ties among them--on corporate behavior and governan... Cote : 4-0222-4…

Jamaica - World Bank

Political turmoil in 2016 can be traced back to the 2008 financial crisis South Africa's economic challenges of 2016 are largely a reflection of its inability to change in the light of global shocks.

The ‘Clinton Bubble’: How Clinton Democrats Fostered the 2008 Economic Crisis: Robert Scheer

Will have to take a closer look at this when attention span is not about too big to fail.

Will have to take a closer look at this when attention span is not about too big to fail.

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History of recent economics

Engaging with the World : This title reflects the general theme of the 2010 IACR annual conference that was held in Padova, Italy, the aim of which was to provide a fresh view on some cultural and structural changes involving Western societies after the world economic crisis of 2008, from the point of view of Critical Realism. Global society is often regarded as disrupting identities and blurring boundaries, one which entails giving up ideas of structure and fixity. Globalization ...

In 2008, the year that the global economic crisis first took root, Spaniards spent an average €900 per person at Christmas – a figure that was some €170 more than the average American and the third-highest figure in the EU, after big-spending Brits and Germans... #Christmas #Spain

The global economic crisis was kick-started by the collapse of one of the biggest global financial services firms; Lehman Brothers in September 2008. The Lehman Brothers collapse almost brought down the global financial system. It took billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to keep the world’s financial system running. Nevertheless,Read More