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いつものヤンニョムチキンを今夜は手羽先で♪ 頂いたエゴマの葉っぱを刻んで乗せました♪ 韓国料理にぴったり>^_^< お手手が汚れるけどかぶりつくぅ♪ - 102件のもぐもぐ - 手羽先でヤンニョムチキン♪ by MUNI3


Spicy Cold Kimchi Noodles

Spicy cold Kimchi noodles recipe - This is a perfect summer time dish. Bring your lost appetite back with these spicy cold Korean noodles!

Kaenip Kimchi (perilla)

Korean 韓式料理食譜

Perilla Leaves Kimchi


Myeolchi-muchim (seasoned anchovies) - leave out sugar for low carb!

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Perilla Kimchi | Aeri's Kitchen | Cooking Korean Recipes & Food

We all have days when finding the time or energy to cook is simply too difficult. With today’s post, I hope to help you prepare a delicious meal even when you’re having one of those days. I’m sharing a commercially made bulgogi marinade that I’ve recently discovered. A few months ago, I received an e-mail …

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Koreans make wraps (ssam 쌈) with all kinds of fresh and cooked leafy vegetables — lettuce, perilla leaves, zucchini leaves and cabbages, to name a few. Kimchi is no exception. When pogi kimchi reaches its tangy, sour stage, it’s very tasty as a wrap for meat, rice and other fillings. Kimchi ssambap (김치 쌈밥) is rice wrapped in kimchi.