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花嫁衣装 日本


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Foxes (Kitsune) are a common subject of Japanese myth and folklore. Foxes are thought to be able to take human form. In myth, they sometimes possess humans or shapeshift. This is often for the purpose of seducing humans. There are several Japanese myths in which young men or women unknowingly marry a fox.Foxes are thought to be the messengers of the Gods. The marriage of foxes is considered a good omen.

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宝尽くし/ドゥ アンディオール 銀座

ドゥ アンディオール(Deux Endior) 銀座 さまざまな宝物のモチーフを集めた宝尽くし。

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新入荷 : 豆千代モダン 新宿店 Blog

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色あい的に夏な感じ CUCURU 白地南天割付覗 着物ウェディング 和婚 色打ち掛け

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. ヨーロッパに行く時に用意したい和装 引き振袖 手描友禅 松林鶴 .

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antique kimono for wedding

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ドゥ アンディオール No.02-0028

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引き振袖 : 花嫁のお色直し・2次会・1.5次会で着られる着物画像集【和装】 - NAVER まとめ

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