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堤写真館 熊本 阿蘇高原聖フランシス森の教会 結婚式 ウエディング

Caravaggio - Michelangelo Merisi (1571-1610, Italy)

Giovanni Bellini, St. Francis in Ecstasy, 1480 - this work Resembles a stigmatization (receiving the wounds of the crucified body of Christ on the hands, feet & side), bur this scene is in fact is a meditation on Francis identification with creation. Francis stretches out his arms and looks skyward, where, in traditional Franciscan stigmatisations, one would expect to find a seraph. Natural beauty and light are sufficient to describe the divine.

BELLINI, Giovanni, Jacopo & Gentile Italian High Renaissance (ca.1430-1516_Saint Francis in the Desert

Saint Francis in Ecstasy: ca 1582

Bellini, St Francis in Ecstasy, 1480-85, New York, Frick (detail): the perfect cave-desk combination


聖フランシス 森の教会 サマーパーティ&イングリッシュマーケット(熊本県)

Leier ❤ 聖フランシスの祈り by Miyuki ❤

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Benozzo Gozzoli >> escenas de la vida del st francisco (escena 6, del norte pared) | (frescos