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222年間にこれほど退化した「特許図面」の歴史:ギャラリー «

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Make a water wheel - perhaps it would work with marbles in a marble run too

How To Stencil With Bleach

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Voronoi diagram / sevensixfive sketchbook

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In 1830, Sewall Short and Noah Bradford submitted a patent application for the submarine explorer. In their application, they claimed that they had created a water-tight suit, different from any diving apparatus known before.

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天動説視実等象儀 引札 明治十年内国勧業博覧会陳列、木版墨摺 明治12年 25x33cm 明治十二年五月器械発起 版主 神奈川県下 藤田 古梅

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June 20, 1840: Samuel Morse receives the patent for the telegraph. Morse Telegraph Apparatus, illustration from "Eighty Years Progress of the United States," 1864; NYHS Image #78552d.

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a popular history of british sea-weeds. 1851

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technical drawing of windmills

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