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We love this book. If you're a fan of Eggers, and Jess Walter, and Paul Murray - sink your teeth into this assured debut from Christopher Robinson and Gavin Kovite. It's out in May, so you have some time to clear your reading pile in preparation.

Esta planta cura de forma quase imediata fígado e vesícula e desinflama magicamente o intestino!

Esta planta é nativa da Europa.Ela pode atingir até 60 centímetros de altura.Possui hastes quadradas e suas folhas são felpudas.As flores são de cor branco-amarelada e crescem em cachos, florescendo no verão.

War of the Encyclopaedists: A Novel


Phil Klay

Assassination of Saint Thomas Becket by Vincent de Beauvais, Musée Condé Chantilly.jpg Location: Musée Condé Chantilly Description: Assassination of Saint THOMAS Becket, archbishop of Canterbury, 1118-70, on 29 December 1170 by soldiers of Henry II of England in Canterbury Cathedral, folio 347R of Le Miroir Historial (The Mirror of History), by Vincent de Beauvais, 1190-1264 French scholar and encyclopaedist, 15th century French manuscript


William Smellie. I was born in the William Smellie Hospital in Lanark

Mr. Kovite, an Iraq war veteran, and Mr. Robinson tell the stories of two friends, one meandering through life after college and the other dealing with calamity in Baghdad.

Eight food idioms that are right under your nose by

Celestial Globe // Vincenzo Maria Coronelli (1650-1718) was an Italian Franciscan monk, who published many works as a cosmographer, cartographer and encyclopaedist. He created two giant globes for the Sun King, Louis XIV (1638 – 1715). One of them, the Celestial Globe shows the sky as it was seen on 5th of September 1638, on the birthday of “Louis the Great”. The illustrations were made by Jean-Baptiste Corneille (French Baroque Painter, ca.1649-1695).