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18 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Poop

The simple act of pooping is one of the most universal experiences on the planet. Let's celebrate our similarities with 18 bits of fascinating, little-known facts about feces!


Lean arms: 12-15 reps

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Christmas Science Activities and Experiments for Kids

Best Christmas science activities and Christmas science experiments for Kids this holiday season. Kitchen science, STEM, and Christmas themed classic science ideas to enjoy all season.


We feel it thumping in our chest ... but what's it doing in there? A crash course on the organ that has stumped humans for most of history:


"Professor" Paul actually recording an Arm Amputation Video at Methodist Hospital, San Antonio, Texas, August of 2012!

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Finishing Strong – Homeschooling Middle & High School #90

Air is Not Oxygen - Fun Science Activities for Middle School Looking for fun and simple science activities for your middle school students? Want to make sure your tweens/teens understand key science concepts before they enter high school? Lots of ideas for science projects!


15 YouTube Channels of Fun Science for Kids

15 cool science YouTube channels kids love - learn science behind everyday phenomenon, watch fascinating science experiments, see science explanation of unexpected questions.

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Cute Or Creepy? 9 Animals Which Could Be Aliens

Blobfish This gelatinous mass lives off the Australian coast in the Indian Ocean. What's so extraterrestrial about this deep-sea dweller? It's all face! As if it was trying to camouflage itself as a human, but stopped at the head part. Blobfish is also almost all fat and terribly ugly.


Death of the Dragon Worms Guinea worms are three-foot-long worms that mate in your abdomen and squirt larvae out of a hole in your foot. Luckily, they’re almost extinct. Want more info?The Carter Center’s Guinea Worm Eradication ProgramLife cycle, socioeconomic impact, and eradication initiative By: Gross Science. via jtotheizzoe: GROSS SCIENCE IS THE BEST SCIENCEI am so excited to announce that PBS Digital Studios’ newest science show, Gro