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<<「安保法案をめぐる世論③ 内閣支持率への影響」<<「安保法案をめぐる世論② 法案に対する賛否」<<「安保法案をめぐる世論① 法案提出前の状況」このように、内閣支持率の低下は、自民党(連立)政権に対

映画「シャトーブリアンからの手紙」のワンシーン(〔C〕ARTE France -2011-LES CANARDS SAUVAGES -7eme Apache Films-PROVOBIS FILM) ▼10Oct2014時事通信|「戦後の独仏和解象徴」=シュレンドルフ氏最新作

1,000 Points of Flight: Republican Historian, Staffer, and Fox Pundit Switches to Democratic Party

Malayan emergency

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This is what the end of WW1 means to me because the treaty of Versailles was created at the end of the war to be signed by the Germans. This treaty meant that Germany had to stop creating damage and that they had to be blamed for and to pay all of the reparations in the war. It also meant the end of WW1 because if Germany had to sign this and if they didn't fight in the war then all the other countries would stop fighting as well since Germany is the main country that fought the most in the…

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Exploring the Underground Railroad | Do you teach slavery or the underground railroad to elementary students? Here are some authentic, interactive activity ideas for you! {School & the City blog}

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March 19, 1920: The United States Senate rejects the Treaty of Versailles for the 2nd time.

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What is now Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, New York, Weeksville, a community for free blacks prior to the Civil War, was founded by James Weeks, a former slave from Virginia, in 1838. The village of African Americans with its own school, churches, businesses, baseball team (the Weeksville Unknowns), and newspaper, the Freedman’s Torchlight. Weeksville thrived in the 19th century. Like so many other enclaves, Weeksville was a victim of Brooklyn’s success.

Everything is a Wasteland When I'm Not With You #Fallout4

Everything is a Wasteland When I'm Not With You #Fallout4

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Fallout 4 in a Nutshell.

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