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ロシア料理 ワイン

kim555 s Baguette w eggplant caviar 太田Tommyさんの茄子 の

wait a moment☝"ちょっとこれで待っててねZAKUSKIザクースキ 炒めたとろっとしたナスとバゲットが合うワインもパンも進んじゃう 週末万歳〜(笑) キャビアの代用として作られたロシア料理。 今宵の前菜レシピを探していたら何処かで見た記憶...おりぃさん、いよちゃん、のっちゃんの投稿を見て食べた〜いと⭐️付けていたのです食べ友お願いしますo(^▽^)o しかもお洒落格好良い、太田Tommyさんレシピ✨早く食べたい衝動をワインで誤魔化した昨夜ですw 素敵美味しいレシピありがとうございます❗ - 105件のもぐもぐ - kim555's Baguette w/ eggplant caviar太田Tommyさんの茄子キャビのバゲット by Ami

レストラン雪河亭 本店(五島軒本店)

Hungarian Braised Beef with Paprika (Pörkölt)

Known everywhere—except in Hungary—as goulash, this stew is made with a generous amount of paprika and cook down until the meat is fork-tender.

New Years in Siberia is always special. It is the biggest holiday of the year across Russia. Here in Ulan-Ude ice sculptures of fabled characters dominate the central square each year under the watchful eye of Lenin, whose bust is the world's largest. After the display, families will go home and stay up all night feasting on the very best of Siberian cuisine. Photographing in this cold hardens hands no matter how warm you dress. Thankfully, mulled wine has finally appeared in Siberia.

Discovering the taste of modern luxury on a mini-cruise with Celebrity Cruises

A mini-cruise to France and back on board Celebrity Cruises' ship Eclipse discovering the ship, its exceptional cuisine and wine and the new highlights on board.

WKW Asian food café Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia Status: completed, 2014 Program: Cafe and Bar Area: 42 m2 WKW is a small Asian cuisine cafe and wine bar. We proposed to create an Asian cafe without any specific and ...

Cooked meat t-bone steak on serving board with garlic cloves, tomatoes, rosemary, spices and glass of red wine over rustic wooden background

"Kissel" ----------------------------------------------- 1 c pitted Sour Cherries, fresh or frozen 1 c fresh raspberries 1 c granulated sugar 5-6 c water 3 tbs potato starch dissolved in ¾ cup cold water(or red wine) 2 tsp lemon juice 1 tsp vanilla extract

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Kulich: Russian Easter Bread

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There are few better joys in this life than snacking on well-cured capicollo with hard cheese, olives, fresh bread and a glass of wine. Especially if you’re the one doing the curing. View video of entire process here.

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