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Dear @DoreenVirtue I've dreamt last night that the repair shop brought back my stolen car to me, I rejoiced, hugged the guy madly and laughed out loud, telling those standing around us applauding "I knew you would find it, and I'm so glad you are honest guys" -- the car had a yellow license plate from belgium... HolySpirit you heard my prayers, thank you. Hopefully the dream will come true! <3

EG2 ホンダ CR-X デルソル / Honda Civic delSol | Lowered, Stance, JDM

toyota te70

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Dez 13th2016 ~ my expertise grants you the success you need: leader coaching, creative writing, lecturing, authoring ... some of my professional skills, besides of my voice, which takes my audience on an adventure of discoveries when listening to my coaching lectures, bliss and poetry stories. available as mp3/4 and on air ;-) #BOSSLADY

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Toyota MR2. Toyota's tuner TRD later created the TRD2000GT.

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<3 #SabineAsgodom <3

Oct 31st 2016 Dear HolySpirit, Dear God, Dear GuardianAngels ...... Thank You for everything .... <3 ... #Miracles do happen <3 You've heard my prayers ... MERCI <3

22. Feb. 2016 ~ @ Huggs & Besos ;) #Ilove_Aviation #AVgeeks #Pilots #FlyingAngels xox #GuardianAngels

100 Greatest Japanese Cars of All Time

1988 Honda CRX Si. This is my dream car. In yellow, my favorite color

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09. Jan 2016 - after being out of touch for 19 months my mother and I met and she asked me to forgive her - and yes, I did. long ago, but I was happy to hear her asking me of it. Hallo Mutzi, danke dass wir das geklärt haben, unser Wiedersehen war von soviel Lachen und Freude geprägt, dass ich davon total erschöpft ins Bett fiel und erstmal 15 stunden am Stück geschlafen hab - mit ruhigem Herzen. Danke, Deine Tochter Kerstin Caroline <3