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タイ料理 Larb

タイ風鶏ひき肉のレタスカップ(ラープガイ) ‐ とても早くできて、フレッシュでしかもスパイスと香りが効いています。

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Thai Recipes

LARB KAI - CHICKEN MARINATED WITH LIME JUICE AND HERBS SALAD. Our minced chicken is marinated in lime juice, then cooked in a blended fish sauce, spiced with chilli, spring onion, shallots, coriander leaf, saw leaves, roasted rice powder, mint leaves, and pine nuts; it is served on a bed of lettuce and fresh garden vegetables.

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Spicy Squid Salad or Larb Pla Meuk is a Thai style salad. I adapt from larb mou . This is a dish of spicy squid is served as a snack at par...

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Minced Meat and Herb Salad - Laap

A traditional Lao minced meat and herb salad that is perfect with chicken, beef, tofu or even veggies. Bursting with flavors from various herbs and spices. A must make.

タイ風鶏ひき肉のレタスカップ(ラープガイ) ‐ とても早くできて、フレッシュでしかもスパイスと香りが効いています。

Authentic Larb Gai (Thai Chicken Salad) Recipe | Chew Town Food Blog, ,

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Lara woonsen, use no carb kelp noodles

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David Thompson, the Australian who has done more to document the fundamentals of Thai cookery than any other farang (foreigner), describes larb gai as “an ancient salad”. Thompson’s epic Thai Food (Penguin, 2002), now known in spice-loving households from Brisbane to Birmingham as “the pink book”, suggests that the origins of this dish are in south-west China.