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Soul Eater Evans (ソウル・イーター, Sōru Ītā) or just 'Soul' to his friends, is Maka Albarn's Scythe (魔鎌 Magama in Japanese) partner. He is the main male protagonist and Weapon of the series. He is also part of the group Spartoi. His real name is actually Soul Evans (ソウル・エヴァンス Sōru Evansu in Japanese) but upon entering Shibusen, he changed it to Soul Eater through Shibusen's liberal naming principles.

Medusa Gorgon

medusa soul eater - Google Search That's my face everyday when I wake up and realize I have to deal with people

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Do you mean otakus?

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Moon & sun : soul eater

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Death the Kid motivational poster by on @deviantART

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soul eater evans - Buscar con Google

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