23 Times Callie Torres Was The Best Part Of

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"Callie Torres, Ortho Goddess" Stickers by Lyndsey Kleiman | Redbubble More

"❤️Callie Torres❤️" by the-walking-dead-and-wwe-lover ❤ liked on Polyvore

"Stop sleeping with your coworkers. It ruins them." "I slept with you." "And now I no longer sleep with men." - Callie and Alex, Grey's Anatomy Lol just watched this

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Patrick Dempsey and Sara Ramirez

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Grey's anatomy Callie Torres and Mark Sloan

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* SCREEN FRIENDSHIPS * Callie Torres & Mark Sloan * Grey’s Anatomy *

If there's anyone I strive to be, it's Callie.

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"...Uh huh..yeah.. well I can see you're very upset.."

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I took Zimbio's 'Grey's Anatomy' personality quiz and I'm Callie Torres! Who are you?

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