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Arugula-helps with migraines, rich in calcium

Ful medames


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The upper hand stone was used to grind grain on the lower quern stone

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Hummus - a Middle Eastern food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

Toum is a garlic sauce as prepared in Lebanon, the Levant, and Egypt similar to the European aioli. It contains garlic, salt, olive oil or vegetable oil, and lemon juice crushed using a wooden mortar and pestle.[1] There is also a variation popular in many villages, such as Zgharta, where mint is added, called "Zeit and Toum".[2] Toum is used as a dip, especially with French fries and chicken, and in Lebanese sandwiches, especially chicken ones.

Coriander Roots - Coriander roots have a deeper and more intense flavour than the leaves. They are used in a variety of Asian cuisines. They are commonly used in Thai dishes, including soups and curry pastes

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Broadleaf Sage has been used since ancient times for warding off evil, snakebites, increasing women's fertility, and more. The Romans likely introduced it to Europe from Egypt as a medicinal herb.[4] Theophrastus wrote about two different sages, a wild undershrub he called sphakos, and a similar cultivated plant he called elelisphakos. Pliny the Elder said the latter plant was called salvia by the Romans, and used as a diuretic, a local anesthetic for the skin, a styptic, and for other us...

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Nile River... looks like a flower

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