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Curry Udon Noodles is just what it says it is! Instead of rice, thick udon noodles are mixed with Japanese curry sauce and tsuyu to make a hearty, warming noodle soup with all of the rich flavour of katsu curry. A combination of old and new Japanese cooking, Curry Udon Noodles is a popular dish in Japan and is easy to make as cooking the udon noodles is usually quicker than boiling rice!

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(これは夏ですね〜)家電は古い時代のですが基本, ご飯屋さんは変わっておりません。老舗処は昔はお餅屋さんだった処が多いようです。各種うどん&蕎麦, 各種定食, 各種丼, オムライス, ラーメン, カレー, ヤキソバ, 巻き寿司, いなり寿司, おはぎ, 赤飯…みんな大好きご飯屋さん♫(^T^ ) A typical 食堂 (shokudō), an eating place of the Shōwa era, Japan, cheap & filling. ☆I seldom see this type of restaurants around my place any longer, but they can still be found in Tokyo downtown (non-tourism areas) or countrysides.

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カレーうどん - Curry UDON

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ネギ豚しゃぶしゃぶうどん。 by 栁川かおり | レシピサイト「Nadia | ナディア」プロの料理を無料で検索

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Japanese noodle, soba 蕎麦

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Japanese Curry Udon Noodle Soup カレーうどん

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Curry udon.

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Japanese Soba Noodles / 蕎麦

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カレーうどん。Curry Udon.

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