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Japanese Tenugui (washcloth) textile

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I know people have their fancy China for dinners and whatnot -- but is it weird I want wooden dish set for "dinners"when my normal dishes are all super bright fiesta? I love the two together!

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Happy Hour | AIGA Eye on Design curated by Packaging Diva PD. Fun nautical inspired Ploés Wines, by Beetroot Design Group packaging collection. #taninotanino

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Hanbok detail-- would be so fab on a jacket or overcoat

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「NIPPON」12号 表紙構成 山名文夫 1937年7月

大宮盆栽 \ さいたま市の伝統産業「大宮盆栽」のロゴ・ポスター・パンフレット。9月にイタリア・ミラノで開催された盆栽展「クレスピ・カップ2012」を皮切りに、今後、海外展開が進められていきます。

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Mid-autumn Festival

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