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Personal Sumo Pics, September 2007

Yet more pics from my personal collection. Great memories.
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Fans of the Tamanoi training stable expressing their support with a play on the slogan of the record company, Tower Records...

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Retired wrestler Tamanoshima psyching himself up for battle, September 2007

Kotomitsuki (f) and Kotooshu (b) - two Ozeki from the Sadogatake stable. This was Kotomitsuki's first tournament on sumo's second rank. He retired in 2010. Kotooshu lost second rank status in November 2013.

Baruto demonstrates the strength his physique conveys, lifting out his 140-kilogram opponent despite a clearly suspect knee...

Giant Estonian Baruto shows off his resplendent physique again, September 2007

A wrestler chats to his coach in the street...