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HIGASHI JAPANESE DRIED CONFECTIONERY FOR HOT TEA~ 33g kanbaiko/cooked mochi rice flour, 66g granulated sugar (or super fine Bakers Sugar), 2 tsp shitorimitsu/sugar water, food coloring (optional), flavoring.


Japanese sweets "tsubaki-mochi" sweet sticky rice ball between camellia leaves. Really, more like I'll be doing this, but just sticky rice balls and soy sauce



#Japanese sweets, sandwich of matcha castella and matcha ice cream, Kyoto


September Wagashi #japan


Japanese sweets / 金平糖(Konpeito).These are the same candy that was used in Spirited Away. And I wanted to try them myself.

Japanese sweets Kohaku-kan (琥珀羹) : Kohaku-kan is a summer dessert and usually made from agar-agar, sugar. Some of kohaku-kan are amber coloured (kohaku means amber in Japanese). The others are translucent just like the one in the picture.