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Mahakala known as Gonpo in Tibetan was originally a demon, who was tamed by Manjushree and Avalokiteswora and turned into a fierce protector of Buddhism, belonging to the Dharmapalas. This important spiritual protector deity is also known as "the lord of the wind", and "the great black one", a great guardian of the Dharma.

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村上清 仿千叶县源光寺“吽形满开莲华天女像”

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Yamari, Manjushri

manjushri signifie douce et glorieuse mélodie jampelyang de couleur ...


Gyalwa Jangchub. One of the eight self-mastered scholars, ordained with six other Tibetans by Shantarakshita, he was an exemplary monk, studied closely with Padmasambhava, rich in empowerments. He visited India many times and translated numerous texts. Able to fly through the sky, he was present at the departure mandala which gathered around the Guru for 21 days at a place called Multi-colored Dragon to clarify details and receive final instructions.

Palgyi Yeshe of 'Brog. Studied and translated tantras exuberantly, initiated into the mandala of Lhamed Heruka. He received the transmission of the Mother Deities from Padmasambhava and became an accomplished mantrika. A liberating presence in the human and non-human worlds, 'Resplendent Wisdom' practiced meditation above treeline and taught many accomplished disciples.

Rahula-The main functions of a dharmapāla are said to be to avert the inner and outer obstacles that prevent spiritual practitioners from attaining spiritual realizations, as well as to foster the necessary conditions for their practice.

TIBET Vajrakila Thangka Tibet 17th Century

bulletproofbhatki: A pair of thorgum doors Tibet 18th-19th c. wood 29”x28” (combined)