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Ayurvedic recipes for autumn

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Fennel Apple Spritzer

A #nonalcoholic fennel-apple spritzer, perfect for fall.

Skinned almonds are sattvic and build ojas. Ojas is loosely translated as nutrition. Under conditions of stress and high Vata the sympathetic nervous system (flight and fight) redirects blood from the digestive tract to the brain and muscles. When the digestive tract lacks blood the ojas and nutrition of almonds is inaccessible. In almond chai, nutmeg is a nervine that calms Vata and...

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Spiced Buttermilk by jolly_valar, via Flickr

Kashaya or Kashayam Recipe

Monsoon Spice | Unveil the Magic of Spices...: Kashaya or Kashayam Recipe | A Herbal or Ayurvedic Drink from South India