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ガラス帯留め ボトル

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Obidome are small brooches worn threaded onto the obijime (a decorated sash in order to tie an obi firmly), not really necessary, but making a charming decoration on the front of the obi.

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アンティーク 作家物 本鼈甲蒔絵螺鈿帯留め(三分紐付): obidome

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アンティーク 七宝帯留め: antique cloisonné obidome

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Art Deco Obidome by MPM, 6.7 x 2.8 cm, A central pearl is 9 mm.: アールデコ彫金真珠帯留め MPM刻印、6.7x2.8cm, 真珠9mm

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アンティーク 白蝶貝帯留め: antique, sash clip

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帯留め こんぺいとう

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Pt900 K18 Diamonds Jadeite ひすい 帯留め

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