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AGORA Girls-trips and travels with the girls from AGORA Place.

On our Facebook page we often have outings with the ladies of AGORA or as we like to call them the "AGORA Girls". This page will recap the cool places we journeyed to and perhaps you too will want to explore these hand selected area in and around Tokyo.
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Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street

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One of the covered shopping streets in Kichijoji.

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Ichiran which is a ramen shop that serves it's noodles in the Hakata style (from Kyushu). But, this shop is designed with individual stalls so you can eat and slurp and slop your noodles in private and not worry about anyone staring at the soup on your eyebrow.. @Shigeki Tabata

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There are many stray cats, walking around the streets here.. @Yanaka Hills Ginza Shopping Street

Ashley-chan during the YaNaSe outing. Senbei shop in Sendagi.

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Anna-chan with a Totoro cream puff. @Suzuki Eiichi's Cream Puff Shop in Takaido

Craft beer! @Jindaiji

Kitaro and Rin-chan. @Jindaiji

Rin-chan's character impersonation. Jindaiji

Little trinkets from Jindaiji.