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作品 > 月 | 書家 中嶋宏行

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sora "sky" or "empty". japanese Calligraphy style called Shodo,

Close-up view of the Gold seal and imprint. Han dynasty

Shikantaza is a Japanese term for zazen meditation, meaning "just sitting." It is a form of mindfulness meditation, without a point of concentration, such as a mantra. In Shikantaza, silent illumination is cultivated through no-thought, no object, and no content. It is just sitting quietly in open awareness. Image: “Ease” by Kaz Tanahashi

Calligraphy of the character 美, meaning beauty. Artist unknown.

作品 > 風 | 書家 中嶋宏行

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【仁義(縦書)】書道家が書く漢字Tシャツ 本物の筆文字を使用したオリジナルプリントTシャツ 。書道家が魂こ込めた書いた文字を和柄漢字Tシャツにしました。 ☆今なら漢字Tシャツ2枚以上で【送料無料】☆ 【楽ギフ_名入れ】 pt1 ..|Tシャツ 看板のT-timeせとうち広告