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Pluto, formal designation 134340 Pluto, is the second-most-massive known dwarf planet in the Solar System (after Eris) and the tenth-most-massive body observed directly orbiting the Sun. Originally classified as the ninth planet from the Sun, Pluto was recategorized as a dwarf planet and plutoid due to the discovery that it is one of several large bodies within the newly charted Kuiper belt.

50 Animal Pictures You Need To See Before You Die

動物の赤ちゃんの画像でほっこりしましょ♪動物の赤ちゃんってみんな可愛いですよね♪ 思わず守ってあげたくなるような☆ そこで、動物の赤ちゃんの可愛い画像をたくさん 見たいなーと思って、トピを立てちゃいました(o^^o) 動物の種類は問いません! みなさん...