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Does chocolate grow on trees?

Where all the chocolate we eat comes from.
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Fermented cacao beans are dried in the sun for several days on big wooden mats like these.


Chocolate Nutrition 101


How We Make Stuff: By Christiane Dorion & Beverley Young. Where do our clothes come from? What's the link between gorillas & mobile phones? Does chocolate grow on trees? Answering these questions & many more, How We Make Stuff is an engaging exploration of the way we use Earth's natural resources. Featuring pop-ups & pull-tabs, it's an interactive extravaganza!. Published in association with The Ellen Macarthur Foundation


cacao pods...chocolate does grow on trees


These are cacao beans which have been fermented as the first part of the chocolate making process.


A colourful selection of cacao pods picked in our Rainforest Biome.

This chocolate bar is actually a 3D map sculpture of Tokyo.

Pop up image from How we Make Stuff. Written by Christiane Dorion and illustrated by Beverley Young.

Want to see how the Eden Project chocolate bar is made? Watch this short video.

Cacao beans are enveloped in sweet white pulp inside the pod.