Hello! Yello! (Mustard Drawing in Korea) on


Coca-Cola / New Long Can (Giraffe) #ad

Housewarming party invitations - online and paper - Paperless Post

Côte d'Azur als Premium Poster von Henry Rivers | JUNIQE

I like how this letter is incorporating a human element, but is not fully made out of the hands and arms. If it was simply just a letter or just the arms I don't think it would be as interesting. Mixing them together brings a new aspect to the type.

- akaoni Design -

The white space caught my eye first. The small type along the top and in the bottom left corner balance this cover as the image weighs it down. I like how the image is treated, printed in black and white and cropped so that some of the figure isn't visible; it peaks intrigue.

Bookcover for George Orwells 1984. An attempt to visualize "Big Brother is watching you" with only a few signs.

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories

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