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If you are searching for an astronomy green laser pointer. This is truly a fantastic product or service appropriate to be used at night since the green laser beam is very prominently visible at that time. There laser pointer is perfect for star gazing and pointing.
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Laser pointers used to be the sole domain of business presentation makers and public speakers, but now they're ubiquitous.

Feature: This Yellow 50mw Laser Pointer style is portable. Well tested and high quality Laser Pointer Yellow Clearly visible in the dark. Fixed focus, continuous output. Using long lifetime chip, more than 8000hours

1.The HTPOW Technologies Professional 20000mW 450nm with 5 Different Style Caps,Replace star cap it can show variable wonderful patterns at night, Without the cap it becomes a single beam pointer pen. 2.The waterproofed body is smoothly sculpted for a slip-free secure grip while the fully adjustable focusing lens provides total control at any distance. It is an extremely robust pointer which is particularly suitable for business and industrial environments.

The body of this laser pointer is made up of shining aluminum which makes it look very attractive and strong.The special characteristic of long distance in the darkness has played a particularly important role in presentation in many areas such as classrooms, lectures, astronomy, museums, gallery guides, construction and mining, business and conference activities, etc.

1. This Green Laser Pointers is made of aviation aluminum alloy,strong and durable; 2.18650 battery, large capacity, easy to buy, Long duration; 3. Imported LD and accessories, increase the service life, more than 8000 hours;(Currently 50-200mW laser lights built-in import LD is very rare)

Clear and Extra Bright Laser Beam 100 yard range daylight, 1000 yard range night. Precise and Wide Range Windage and Elevation Adjustments for All Firearms. Aim and Instant Lock on Targets to Enhance Shooting Accuracy and Performance.

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