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Japanese Sweets

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西瓜まんじゅう- SUIKA MANJYŪ (watermelon manjyū). 切り分けると、紅い餡と黒ごま製の種。Red bean jam fillings & black sesame seeds emerge when cut & divided. Cawaii~♪ ★Manjyū is a steamed bun with fillings. ☆☆榮太樓總本舗。Eitarō Sōhonpo (shop).

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水のほとり(美しき日本の原風景展)from Cafe Tsubaki at Yamatane Museum of Art, 2011

the site is not in English. but the ideas is cute. petit fours and homemade mints would be a nice idea.


Japanese sweets / 朝の露


Mikan Daifuku Mochi from Ehime, Japan みかん大福

Japanese sweets / 干菓子

そしてこちらは「月あかり」十五夜を芋名月、十三夜を栗名月と呼ぶ慣わしから、十三夜のお菓子は栗を使って月をあらわしてみました。"moonlight" represents the full moon with the chestnut ..look artistic!!