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And Kimono Princesses sometimes wear jewelry. (There's actually a reason Japanese women don't have a big history of wearing rings, necklaces and pins – kimono fabrics were often more costly than jewels, and nobody wanted to risk something snagging or AI YI YI putting a hole in the priceless fabrics. But new style kimonos aren't expensive – most of them are vintage – so even cheap costume jewelry is safe to wear.)


First of all, a Kimono Princess shuns typical seasonal designs and colors. Pink for cherry blossom season? So 10th century...unless it's the kimono LINING! Vintage jazz-age patterns or modern ironic graphics are the most popular for new style kimono hime.

Slip-on tabi shoes by SOU・SOU SF, via Flickr

Tabi designed for yukata kimono by Hiroko Takahashi, 2010

gorgeous kimono from hiroko takahashi

Takahashi Hiroko

A true Kimono Princess uses every accessory – shoes, sox, purse, wrap, hat, gloves – to flaunt convention in some subtle way.

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Kimono-hime issue 9. Fashion shoot page 3. Via Satomi Grim of Flickr